Monday, July 1, 2013

Election 2012 - Ryan Rally Middletown, PA

Blog catch-up - Fall 2012 Presidential Elections

My good friend Jana and I headed out to the Middletown airport for a Ryan rally, a couple weeks before the Nov 2012 elections. As predicted, I am a big fan of Ryan - and it was exciting to be there. Fantastic speakers at the rally included Ryan, Governor Tom Corbett, Representative Charley Dent, and Senator Pat Toomey.  The policies and ideas discussed were spot on - government accountability, fiscal conservatism, transparency, and individual liberties. And it was great to have Ryan (young and fresh to the national stage) as a candidate, but I believe the GOP would do well to embrace a more diverse PR/media relations face. Romney was very inclusive of women in his cabinet as Massachusetts governor and I believe he would have appointed a diverse cabinet (men, women, Republican, Democrat), but diversity did not translate to his campaign.

Waiting in line in the freezing cold

Inside the hanger 

Congressman Dent


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