Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Uncle Kevin!

Tate went to see Minico High and Uncle Kevin Jurgensmeier play at Rigby. During the game Tate yelled, "Go Kevin!" Tate watched the game with both Grandpa Heiner and Grandpa Jurgensmeier. Our good friends from Oregon who just moved to Rexburg-the Taylors - and Dal and Mind also joined us for the game. Kevin is a star!

Ice Fishing

This past weekend, Uncle Drew and his family visited Rexburg for an ice fishing trip. Tate was so glad to see his cousins again. Dallin's fam and Sally's fam joined us for the fun! About 20 little ones running around and having a blast catchin fish with Grandpa!

A Magical Christmas in the Magic Valley

We had lots of fun over Christmas with Darin's fam in Rupert. Tate loved playing in all the snow, chasing down Kevin and Karee, and learning about opening presents.

We also visited Nancy, Isaiah, James and Bea in Twin Falls. All this, with a couple of trips to Burley, made for a magical Christmas holiday in the Magic Valley.

Dancing with the 7 Dwarfs

When Tate wakes up in the morning he yells, "Daddy! Daddy!" When I let him know Daddy is at work he says, "Watcha Snow White?" Tate loves this movie. He always gets up to dance with the 7 dwarfs, says "oh, so sad" when Snow White eats the apple and is asleep, and shouts, "Happy! Happy!" when she wakes up. Also, when Snow White meets the dwarfs she says, "How do you do? I said, how do you do?" And Tate responds with Grumpy, "How do you do what?" - and then laughs like crazy.