Sunday, July 17, 2011

Looking for Adventure

Wish I could have captured the shot right before this shot. Beau studied Tate's exact stance before striking the pose.

Looking all sorts of grown up.

Tate figured out the hose.... Beau's working on it

Play Time


Don't you wish this picture were in focus?

Night Time Routine

Uncle Drew!

Drew, Monique and fam came out to visit us in June! It was soooo much fun to have them here! Tate was sooooo excited to have Nick here in Hershey - he always wanted to sit by him, walk by him, and imitate everything he did. Andrea, Sophia, Olivia and Nick were all so nice to Tate and Beau - we only wish they could have stayed longer. Here are some pictures (I only snapped a few - whoops!)
Best Buddies!

Beau trying to copy Olivia's style

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Sci Fi

Darin and Linsy's 8th Wedding Anniversary - May 31, 2011

Once in a lifetime opportunity. I know, I know. That phrase is kind of a running joke in the Heiner family. My dad uses it to describe many-a-things, but usually a sheep hunt. "Criminy, he drew a once in a lifetime sheep tag."
But this is FOR REALS.
The Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for liftoff on July 8 (this Friday people!) marking the final flight for NASA's shuttle program. After that, America will send astronauts to space only in Russian spacecraft.
The rollout of the Shuttle Atlantis to the Kennedy Space Center happened on May 31! (our anniversary.) We had the opportunity to be at the rollout and it was a life highlight!
Darin's bro Erik's wife Dawn's sis Laura works for NASA and scored tickets (after much office negotiation). Thank you Laura! And thank you Darin's bro Kevin for letting me go. The Jurgensmeier fam drew straws and Kevin gave me his spot so I could be with Darin on our anniversary. Kevin has always always been so thoughtful and considerate. And this was a big deal. So thank you Kevin!

Here we go.........
From the VAB to the Crawler.......
Pure 'Independence Day' 'Armegeddon' 'Men in Black' action.

Approaching the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)

The crowds assemble.

Shuttle Atlantis emerges from the VAB.

Turn on the spotlight!
And the Toby Keith music over the loudspeakers.

Laura, Dawn, Erik, Dee, Cory, Linsy

Oh yeah!

The Crawler is functioning office space, equipped with bathrooms and all!

Brotherly Moment

Erik, Darin, Cory, Dee

Taking this picture goes down as just another moment that I should be embarrassed about but I'm just not. So, yes - I am thirty. And yes - I spotted the astronauts striding quickly down a pathway away from me and I grabbed my camera, chased them down as fast as I could, stopped to take the picture while yelling out something like, "You guys are amazing. True heros! Good job, great job!" I didn't have time to think about it. I just yelled what was in my soul. But come on, in the era of lamo reality television stars, these guys really are cool.

The whole thing, so sci fi. So fantastic.
One happy girl.

Sea World

First stop on Jurgensmeier Florida Family Adventure - Sea World!

Family fun = tired dudes. Tate with Uncle Bryce.

Beau cooling off

With cousin Elizabeth

Such massive animals - fascinating

A day for firsts - including Beau's first cotton candy

I can't lie - thats just impressive.

Baby Logan with Grandma. Seriously, can we get over how cute this little guy is?

Cousin Josh, Aunt Alyssa, Nemo

This is a sea horse!

Stingrays above!

Tate's Preschool Graduation

As soon as he saw an opportunity, Beau made his move - bolting from the audience to get in on the preschool action. I think this picture was taken during their prayer song, which Tate continues to use to this day when we ask him to say the prayer. He says, " I will say the song part first (the preschool prayer) following by the talking one. Oh, the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord...for giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seeds....ooooh, the Lord is good to me!"

Miss Colleen, Tate, Miss Robin, Beau Beau

More awesome actions. I can't get enough. Apparently Tate can. He wasn't that into it compared with the Thanksgiving and Christmas productions. Ummm, every performer must have an off day now and again.