Monday, April 23, 2012

Leesburg, VA Heritage Farm Museum - Feb 2012

you know I love me some BYU room mate reunions! 2012 did not disappoint! More kids this year, more fun!

Christmas 2011

can you tell I just emptied my iphone picts? taking you back to Christmas, 2011.......

Ortho Christmas Party

Tree decorating


Gingerbread House!

Beau with 'two babies!'

The new McDonald's in Hershey - which is now the fanciest restaurant in town. 

a visit from Josh and Karee!

lunch with one of my favorite friends Jana - yay for her law school break!

Kennedy's Birthday party (Tate, 'she's so cute, but I'm not going to marry her!')

Dessert night at the Hershey Pantry to celebrate birthday of another favorite friend, Ms. Danielle

St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Charms and green milk

They could not believe what the leprechaun did! To this day Beau can not stop talking about it!

Palmyra, NY - January 2012

Hill Cumorah Visitor's Center

 Book of Mormon - every nation, kindred and tongue. 

Joseph Smith's room

 Smith Farm House

Sacred Grove

In January, the boys and I visited family in Rochester, NY. While there, we had the chance to visit LDS Church history sights in Palmyra, including the LDS Visitors Center at the Hill Comorah,  the Smith family farm and the Sacred Grove. It was a memorable and remarkable experience. The grounds at the Sacred Grove are peaceful and calm, and I felt so warm and comforted to be there. It also stood out to me the humble surroundings in which the restoration of the LDS church began. But from this small spot on the globe, wonderful blessings have poured to god’s children all over the world.  At the Hill Comorah Visitor’s Center there is a circular table displaying Book of Mormons in various languages.  We may all come from different backgrounds, with varying cultures, languages and experiences, but we are unified as we are all God's children.

Rochester, NY - January 2012

So fun to visit with Cory, Alyssa and family in Rochester for a week in January. Tate and Beau have so much fun with Josh and Logan and I was so happy to meet sweet baby Kaiya. Also, bonus - my BYU roomie Katie Christensen lives in Rochester and so it was great to see her and her beautiful family!