Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Month of May = Not So Much Luck

This one is for Karee - because she likes to read blogs. (For me its usually just pictures - but I'll give ya somethin to read about.)

We just moved to downtown Hershey to be closer to the chocolate making action. On May 1st, a week after moving in, our basement flooded. Darin was working and there was a radical thunderstorm. Truly out of this world. I ran downstairs for the video camera to capture the storm - it was around midnight. Coming down the stairs I was blown away to find about 2 inches of rushing water. Since we had just moved we had lots of junk piled in our basement (including a sectional couch that was upside down because Darin and fellow surgical resident had cut it apart to get it down the stairs.) With a soaking couch and a plethora of wet boxes, I thought to myself, “what would Marie Dalling do?”. And so for the next 2 hours I lifted everything up on stools, tupperware, etc. to get it out of the water. CRAZY. Lesson – sell your furniture on Craig’s list when you move so it doesn’t end up cut apart with water stains.

Mid May we went to South Carolina. Totally fun trip. Totally bad luck. Heading home we wrecked our car. Note: We had just got our car back from the shop from an April accident. We have had our car for less than two years and it has been in four/five (one pretty minor) accidents. For two of these accidents, we weren't even in our car when it was hit. So, I blame it on the car – it just has bad luck. Also, in South Carolina our camera broke and I lost my favorite sunglasses surfing. Lesson learned: wear crap glasses when surfing and stop trying to save money by driving vs. flying.

Lastly, the month wrapped up with an announcement from Hershey that it intended to shut down the original Hershey chocolate factory at 19 Chocolate Ave, blocks from our house. The deal was approved today. Ah, so much for getting closer to the chocolate making. I think it’s sad. When you live in Hershey, there’s something so authentic about being outside and smelling chocolate.

But, it’s all good. Like my dad always says, 15% of life is waste. There’s nothing you can do about it and you might as well not get all worked up. He’s right. (Although I might still picket at the factory.)

Plus, how can I feel bad when I have this sweet little baby? I can’t.