Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Eve of Beau's Birthday

Our precious Beau Craig was born on September 25, 2009. When I first saw Beau I said, "Oh, he's so beautiful" and I knew the name Beau fit him perfectly. His middle name is after my father - who has always been the best example to me of kindness and love. Beau has such joy in life - always smiling at others, watching the world with curiosity and excitement. And he laughs. Oh, how he laughs. Its like he wants to let everyone in on the secret of how great life is. He laughs at my smiles, he laughs at Tate's actions and faces, and he laughs when others are laughing at a story or joke (pleased that they are happy too). I think Beau has his father's undying optimism, calmness, and pure sweetness.

Dear Beau,
Tonight on the eve of your birthday, when I hesitatingly have to say goodbye to your babyhood - I want to tell you how much you have made my world - and I love you. Don't grow too fast. (tears)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Little League World Series

Late August we drove through South Williamsport, PA on the way back to Hershey from Rochester. And we totally lucked out.
  • South Williamsport is home to the Little League World Series. (I didn't know that)
  • The Little League World Series was happening then. (We were not aware until we spotted packed parking lots and excessive porta-potties.)
  • The games are free. (Hello, that even beats spaving.)
  • We watched one game - Hawaii vs. Georgia. (Later found out Hawaii won the American title)

Beau learned to point.
I was super impressed with the team from Hawaii. When each player's name from the Team Hawaii was announced at the beginning of the game, he ran over to a player from Team Georgia and presented him with a lei around his neck. The Hawaii pitcher also ran over and apologized when he tagged a batter. Thats a lot of class for a 9 year old.
We are going to have to return - with cardboard boxes for sliding down the hill next time.

Beau is learning how to work

By watching Tate.............

By watching daddy..............

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strong National Museum of Play

In the last couple weeks we have been on the go - including a trip up to Rochester, NY. Darin's bro and wife had a cute new baby boy Logan! Congrats Cory and Alyssa (and brother Josh)! Tate had tons of fun playing with his cousin Josh. We also met up with good friends who live in Rochester - Katie, Eric and fam!

If you are ever in Rochester, NY with kiddies - go to this place! It is by far the most amazing Children's Museum I have ever seen!
My BYU college roomie and her cute kids. Thanks for showing us around Katie!

A whole world of Sesame Street to explore!............


The world of Berenstain Bears..........

Super Kids Market............