Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bringing Vivie Home - Sep 2, 2013

Baby Vivie

Vivian May Jurgensmeier
born September 1, 2013 5:06 am

Weight: 7 pounds 9 ounces
Height: 20.5 inches

Our sweet baby girl arrived on September 1st. We are absolutely in love and are enjoying our time together at home. She is a very happy baby, a great eater, and an even better sleeper. Tate and Beau are so happy to be her older brothers. They love to hold her and try to make her smile. They love it when she makes different expressions or when she sneezes. We feel so blessed. Thank you to all family and friends for your love and support. We can't wait for all of you to meet our sweet babe. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Beau's 3rd Birthday - September 25, 2012

Blog catch-up post

Beau's 3rd Birthday and his Bear Party!

 Birthday morning with daddy 

 Beau's 3rd Birthday bear cake

 Mamma and her 3 year old bear

Bear crafts

Giant Teddy came to the party of course

and the bear rug from Grandpa

 Love these Hershey gals

 Lighting the candles - Darin trying to block the wind

Gelder Park

So many sweet friends. Beau loves all these kiddies

Beau's First Day of Preschool

Catch up post - Beau's first day of 3 year old preschool, Fall 2012. 
Teachers: Miss Dani and Miss Michelle, Hilltop Christian Nursery school. He also loves Miss Becky, the school director.

Tate's First Day of Kindergarten

Blog catch-up - This is a prior post updated now with pictures.

Tate was soooo excited the night before his first day of kindergarten. So excited in fact, he couldn't sleep. He kept running downstairs saying, 'I tried counting sheep, it doesn't work', 'I am closing my eyes but nothing happens', etc.
He finally fell asleep around 10:30 pm. He woke up at 7 am the morning of school and came and got me out of bed, 'come on mom, I don't want to miss the bus!'. He put on his new outfit, had his favorite cereal - Frosted Flakes, and then started having serious talks with Beau. 'Now Beau, I am going to school now. I am going to ride the bus and be at kindergarten. You will stay here with mommy.'
Beau, 'I'm gonna miss you! Don't go on the bus!' Beau then started to cry and I think Tate got pretty close to crying too. He said, 'I'm going to miss you too Beau' and they gave eachother a big hug.

We went out to the bus stop across the street at 7:50. It arrived at 7:55 and he was off! Happy as can be, waving with a big smile!

Tate really wanted a surprise party for him when he got home from his first day. So while he was gone, Beau and I picked up some balloons and decorated the joint. When Tate got home at 11:45, he came running to me, gave me a big hug and said, 'Mom, sorry I was gone at school so long.' Such a good boy! We love him so much. He was super excited to see the balloons, gave Beau a big hug telling him, 'It was awesome!'

 'Its ok Beau, I'll be home soon'

 Handsome Kindergartener

Election 2012 - Ryan Rally Middletown, PA

Blog catch-up - Fall 2012 Presidential Elections

My good friend Jana and I headed out to the Middletown airport for a Ryan rally, a couple weeks before the Nov 2012 elections. As predicted, I am a big fan of Ryan - and it was exciting to be there. Fantastic speakers at the rally included Ryan, Governor Tom Corbett, Representative Charley Dent, and Senator Pat Toomey.  The policies and ideas discussed were spot on - government accountability, fiscal conservatism, transparency, and individual liberties. And it was great to have Ryan (young and fresh to the national stage) as a candidate, but I believe the GOP would do well to embrace a more diverse PR/media relations face. Romney was very inclusive of women in his cabinet as Massachusetts governor and I believe he would have appointed a diverse cabinet (men, women, Republican, Democrat), but diversity did not translate to his campaign.

Waiting in line in the freezing cold

Inside the hanger 

Congressman Dent


Thanksgiving 2012

Blog Catch Up - this may have something to do with nesting, but I am going to be trying to catch up on some events/highlights over the last year and a half since I started being a slacker blogger.

Thanksgiving 2012 was so much fun! Cory and Alyssa came down from Rochester - making it a glorious kid event of course. It was a great day - I remember a good run in the morning past the chocolate factory, cooking all day long with Alyssa, and then the Hatch family joined us for dinner (Andrea even brought the turkey - overachiever!). It was great because Cory and Alyssa knew Dan and Andrea when they were both in med school in D.C.

 The guys

 happy kids

 Thanksgiving Dinner

 I love this picture because it captures that Thanksgiving night/Black Friday/ committed to hunting down good deals magical moment that only comes once a year. And believe me, Andrea has some good strategies!

 More fun kid picts. I know I have a really good pict of Kaiya (with her super cute holiday outfit)  from this day - I'm still searching to find it. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby Girl

April 29, 2013 our family all went together to the hospital to see our new sweet babe's ultrasound. We found out baby is doing great and that we are expecting a girl! So thrilled and excited! Sweet little babe is due September 7, 2013.  It was such a special day to have the boys there with us for the ultrasound. Beau was really interested in the jelly that was used on my belly during the ultrasound. He asked a new question about it about every ten seconds. 'What happens if you touch the jelly with your hand?' 'What does the jelly do?' 'Can I eat the jelly?'. It made for a lively ultrasound. Tate and Beau are going to be wonderful big brothers to this little angel joining our family. So happy!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hershey Historical Society Museum

Many a winter days = trying to find new kid activities. This little gem - located across the street from the Hershey Outlets - has a fun train exhibit, many Hershey historical documents and artifacts, and a kid dress up and play area.  

Beau with Milton and Kitty

Village grocery store from days gone by

Two sweet little guys

On a day back in December (2012) when I wasn't feeling too hot - the boys made me lunch and brought it to me in bed. Tate wrote a card to me that said 'Deer mom I hop you feel batter. I love U.' These boys are so thoughtful and precious. They are growing up so much and are playing together so well. Today at church, Tate put his arm around Beau and told him he would take him to primary. It makes me so happy to see them grow closer together and to turn into such sweet, thoughtful boys. They do, after all, have the world's best example in Darin.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rochester - May 2012

Catch up posts for 2012 continue. We feel so blessed to have family out here on the East Coast. We love visiting Darin's bro Cory, Alyssa, Josh, Logan and baby Kaiya in Rochester, NY. Here are some picts from our trip in May. An eventful trip - baby Kaiya's blessing, and bidding farewell to Katie and Eric Christensen and family from Rochester. (Katie was by BYU roomie and one awesome gal! We miss seeing the Christensens in Rochester, but are so happy for them that they are loving life in Boise!)