Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tate's Hilltop Graduation - May 2012

Tate is ready for kindergarten! Mostly, he is excited to ride the bus with all the other neighbor kids this fall. Mostly I can't believe I will have a son going to kindergarten.

Tate has loved the past two years of preschool at Hilltop. He has loved his teachers Miss Robin and Miss Colleen and will miss them. Beau will start at Hilltop in the fall so our family isn't saying goodbye forever. Which is a blessing because we would miss everyone there so much, including the director Miss Becky who is going straight to heaven.
The boys with Miss Becky

Tate's good friend Alex

Beau was so proud of Tate!

Tate and Baron

Miss Colleen

Diploma in hand!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Hershey Park

Let the fun begin. My discovery of Instagram coincided with Hershey Park kickoff. Such an addictive phone app, and such a convincingly vintage setting.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hershey Memorial Day Parade

This morning the Hershey Memorial Day Parade route came right through our neighborhood. You know I love Hershey. These pictures say so much:
'Protecting his Dream Since 1905' - Milton's that is. And what a dream it is. A city built around chocolate, with a community designed to provide opportunities and great services for its citizens. This Hershey Kiss logo adorns the Hershey Fire trucks. 

Go Hershey Soccer! One of my favorite Hershey ladies, Jana Neilson, and her boys Nathan, Adam and Tyler. Tate and Beau were so excited to see their great friends in the parade! 'The triplets! Look, the triplets are in the parade!' 

Watching the parade with our neighbors Jeff and Aidan.

Saluting our Veterans today.

Try getting on the Penna Turnpike in that bad boy.

No Hershey Parade is complete without the Hershey Bar, Reese's Man, Kit Kat and Hershey Bear!

I love this picture of the scouts and their fancy balloon skills.

Corvettes! Corvettes! Corvettes!

And here we have another Neilson - Eric! and the Lader family with the Penn State Hershey Med Center Department of Anesthesiology. 

The Hershey Trolley!

The Milton Hershey School kids. The Milton Hershey School was established by Milton Hershey to provide schooling for disadvantaged kids. They each had T-shirts honoring a different Veteran.

The Kissmobile headed toward the Sky Rush arch!

Who doesn't love the Hershey Kissmobile? 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So happy to see dad

Picking up Darin at MDT today- This is the reaction when the fun parent gets home.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

At home with my boys

It's been a super busy, super fun week. Started off in Philly w Darin and the boys. Then I took a train to NYC to hang out w my good friend Amber while Darin camped with the boys. Then I came home to Hershey and Darin flew to Florida for guy time with his brothers. Here are some Picts from today- just the boys and me at home in Hershey! Darin comes home tomorrow and then we will be back into the swing of things (which looks deceptively like vacation when you live and breath Hershey and roller coasters and such). But none the less, it's back to roller coaster reality.

 Hershey Park - and this year's first day at the Boardwalk. So happy Beau has inherited the oompa loompa suit from Tate. Its a gem.
(Also the first day ever of Sky Rush being open to the public. The scream factor in our backyard has increased around 400%.) 

Getting into the American spirit - out and about doing errands.

Dinner tonight was pizza at Jo Jo's in Hummelstown. Ever since the South Carolina Republican debate - where Newt Gingrich mentioned he was raised above a gas station in the Hummelstown Square - I am always looking around wondering where that was!

Then it was ice cream at Razzle's in Hummelstown.

The boys may or may not have been showing off for the ladies.