Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip to Idaho and Utah Preview

Those crazy Idaho nights........

What was the first word I heard when stepping off the plane in Boise, ID?

In fact, I think it was also the first word I heard when returning to the East Coast landing at Dulles. And the hype is warranted.
BYU plays Thursday night - can't wait!

Um, another athlete that warrants all the hype. This guy here - the KMVT Idaho Athlete of the Season.......6 foot 10 inches.....Kevin Jurgensmeier. (Above: Tate with a life size picture of Kev hung on the gym wall at the state tournament!)

More to Kev to come! We had tons of fun watching him at State.... his dunk at the end of the first quarter against Rigby made that cross country flight with 2 children worth it... big time!

More Jimmer suspense. Oh wait, I think this might be watching E.T.
So much fun with Heiner cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Rexburg, ID Temple

Jurgensmeier clan in Rupert, ID

Jurgensmeier siblings in Utah

Uncle Stacey is handy, and therefore hero

Fun with Grandpa Jurgensmeier

Beau in Idaho