Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hershey Historical Society Museum

Many a winter days = trying to find new kid activities. This little gem - located across the street from the Hershey Outlets - has a fun train exhibit, many Hershey historical documents and artifacts, and a kid dress up and play area.  

Beau with Milton and Kitty

Village grocery store from days gone by

Two sweet little guys

On a day back in December (2012) when I wasn't feeling too hot - the boys made me lunch and brought it to me in bed. Tate wrote a card to me that said 'Deer mom I hop you feel batter. I love U.' These boys are so thoughtful and precious. They are growing up so much and are playing together so well. Today at church, Tate put his arm around Beau and told him he would take him to primary. It makes me so happy to see them grow closer together and to turn into such sweet, thoughtful boys. They do, after all, have the world's best example in Darin.