Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

These are super tasty!
Red velvet cake is a staple in PA.
Just one more reason PA is fantastic!

Cast Practice

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Turning 30

My 30th birthday was spent with Darin, Tate and Beau! On an airplane - returning back to Hershey from a fun filled Idaho/Utah trip. As much as I love visiting family out West and as much as I love being with D, Tate and Beau - a cross country flight can be.....exhausting.
D, Tate and Beau after landing at Dulles in Virginia. Darin is holding up his leg to show signs of battle, Beau's vomit from five minutes into our first of two flights. After 12 hours of travel - Idaho to Salt Lake, SLC to Denver, and Denver to Virginia, we were glad to finally be back on the East Coast! Sadly, it was still 2 more hours to Hershey from Virginia. Boo! But, what came next was fantastic! Some of our best friends, Marie and Adam in Virginia, were nice enough to drop us off and pick us up at the airport. And if that wasn't nice enough, Adam showed up with a birthday balloon and card!
With the fam at Dulles.

When we got back to Adam and Marie's house, Marie and the kiddies had decorated for a surprise birthday party!

Marie made amazing Egyptian food. This is very significant - because since 2000, Marie and I have planned to go to Egypt at 30. For various reasons, a girl trip to Egypt is not in the cards right now - so she made an Egyptian feast!!!

Thanks Wride fam! You guys are amazing! And you made my 30th awesome!!!

More Idaho Pictures

Birthday cake with sweet nieces and nephews!

Tate and Grandpa

Darin, Beau and Evelyn



Jack, Liv, Uncle Layne

Uncle Dallin, Claire, Aunt Mindy


Grandma, Kevin, Stacey

Kevin, Darin, Tate, Beau
(note: Darin is 6' 2")

Tate's Projects

Tate LOVES making 'projects'! He loves to draw, cut, glue, tape, design, craft it up, and invent! One morning, he came up with this blueprint for this machine to smash balls and shoot them out the side. He designed and drew it, explained how it worked to me, and we built it together.

Of course Beau wanted to get in on the action. So we built one for him too!

Spring Time


Matching Buddies

Tate waiting to give a talk at church. He did a great job!