Friday, October 14, 2011

Washington D.C. Temple

This past weekend, we had a great family trip to Virginia and the Washington D.C. Temple. It was wonderful to be with members of our ward at the beautiful D.C. Temple and to have Tate and Beau experience the beauty and spirit of the Temple and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints visitor center. Thanks Wendy Parrish for the great family photos! We also visited our amazing friends Adam and Marie in VA! It is always the best to visit them and their cute kiddies Spencer, Emma and John.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life Lately

Tropical Storm Lee filled up the kiddie pool. Fun for the boys!

I have not blogged in a long long time. There are many reasons – a busy summer, a lack of blogging (and computer time in general) motivation, etc. But I am resolved to catch up a bit because 1)the boys are growing and changing so much and I want to provide more updates for our family, 2) I believe our blog is a valuable record (with all the flooding/earthquake/hurricanes these days, photo albums and hard drives don’t seem so permanent).

Speaking of natural disasters. Almost every night I am dealing with one disaster or another in my dreams. House is flooding, must save kids. House is collapsing, must save kids, computer, clothes. One morning (5:30 AM) Darin said to me as he was leaving to work, “I love you” and I responded, “You’re not the one dealing with flooding all night.” I knew it was a strange thing to say but it made sense at that moment. Anyhow, watching Contagion in such a state is not a good idea. In the last three weeks our food storage has multiplied by leaps and bounds. Although, to be truthful, I believe this has far more to do with my new couponing obsession than anything. I can’t believe I have been so casual in the past about coupons. It’s a whole new world and it fantastic!

Turning 30 has been bizarre. Its almost like I am having out of body experiences, looking down watching myself say and do things I never would have thought were possible 6 months ago, such as: blogging about my love of coupons. But I just did it.

Tate's First Day of 4 Year Old Preschool