Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy Snow Man

Beau's Tools

Beau always has a tool in his hand. I am not exaggerating. At any moment in the day he is holding at least one tool, often up to three. He sleeps with them and is standing in his crib in the morning holding his arms up to me with tools in his hands. He says, "tool! tool!" and pretends to fix things.... lamps, tables, dressers. This kid cracks me up. He can do this for hours, so low maintenance. And quite good at maintenance. he he.
When Darin comes home Beau squeals in delight and it only gets better if Darin has something to fix, caulk, etc. Beau walks right behind Darin with a big grin on his face, happiest kid ever.

Lighting Maintenance

This dude needs a tool belt!

Sometimes he substitutes utensils for tools. But they can still be used to fix things.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where are the Royals right now?


With all the excitement in the air about the upcoming royal wedding, I am posting some picts of the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England - the Queen's residence December through mid-February each year. William, Harry, and other royals (Zara, Princess Anne, etc.) join the Queen at Christmas, so this will be the setting for William and Kate's future Christmases together. We visited Sandringham in spring, 09.

Luxe grounds

Acres of manicured gardens

Queen Victoria purchased Sandringham for her son Edward (later King Edward VII) and his new bride, Alexandra.

Rear Entrance

This is where we entered to tour the home. No pictures were allowed inside. It is a magnificent residence of course, but has quite an intimate feel compared with other more grand palaces (Buckingham, Windsor, Kensington). There are family pictures through out of the current royal family and prior monarchs. There is an extensive gun collection (and sword collection). There is a drawing room where the royals meet each day for afternoon tea, and then again after dinner.

Formal gardens

Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to read a book?

I felt like Alice in Wonderland touring the grounds.

The Sandringham Estate belongs to the Sovereign, so William will inheret it when he becomes King.

Darin and Tate relax on a bench

The Sandringham Estate is over 20,000 acres in total.

Sandringham is absolutely beautiful, serene and peaceful.
Located within view of the Sandringham Estate is Park House, the birthplace of Princess Diana.

Park House
When we visited Norfolk, we stayed here - at Park House. It is the childhood home of Diana, Princess of Wales. The staff were lovely and liked to gush about how kind the royal family is. Our server, Anne, said the royals are all very lovely, the Duke of Edinburgh 'is very sweet'. Anne's husband is the manager of the grounds at Sandringham. The Queen gives her and her husband a turkey every Christmas.

Mary Magdalene Church

Mary Magdalene Church is located just off the Sandringham grounds. This is the church the royals attend while staying at Sandringham. Our server Anne says the royals attend church each Sunday and it is tradition for them to greet local residents outside this church each Christmas.

Sunday, January 16, 2011



Darin had some time off in December, so he transformed our dirty/cluttered/unfinished/not useable basement into the perfect kid playing zone.

He scored some super cheap industrial carpet. Also, in this pict you can see the white bench he built to cover a water pipe. We can store toys under the bench.

He built a wall and gate to close off the play area from the water heater/ laundry area.

The wall is built out of dry erase board. Tate drew this picture 'with eyebrows and everything!'

Let the play begin!

Christmas Morning


Tate started soccer this month. Here are a few pictures from his first day.
Beau trying to get in on the action.