Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our New Sweet Baby Boy

When Tate first saw his brother at the hospital he said, "I wanted to meet you."

Born at 3:27 pm; 6 lbs. 12 oz. 20 inches; APGARS of 9 & 10

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby's Room

Tomorrow is the day! Here is a pict of the baby's room.

Zoo America

Tate loves going to Zoo America here in Hershey. He always says he wants to see five animals. (Strangely enough he also insists he is five years old.) His favorite animals are the crocodiles, porcupine, buffalo and the fox (“Lets go find Swiper!”). I love the zoo because its about 5 minutes away and we have unlimited access with our Hershey Park passes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Tate

It’s the final countdown to baby #2 – about two weeks. Hard to believe, and even harder to believe that Tate is no longer a baby. Here’s a pict of Tate and I when Tate was 4 months old. Time has flown - he is already 2 1/2. Tate is such a sweet little guy. Darin and I have so much fun with him. Here are some classic lines from our grown up Tate:

1“I love you mommy. I really miss you mommy.” – After I have been in another room.

2) “Mommy, you forgive me?” – Tate said this to me after I discovered that he had torn apart one of his books and I talked to him about being careful with our books. I said, “Of course I forgive you” and he responded, “I not do it again.” (I knew he was learning good things from Ni Hao Kai Lan!)

3) “Time to wrestle time!” – usually the first thing Tate says to Darin when he gets home from work.

4) “I watch Diego and Dora!” – Tate and I went to Lebanon, PA to attend a town hall meeting addressing health care reform with Senator Arlen Specter (picts below). One group of protesters chanted, “health care now!” and the opposing group, “hands off my healthcare!”. Tate just had to have his voice heard too, “I watch Diego and Dora!”. This line takes the cake and is going to be an all time highlight of my parenting career.

5) “Oh mommy, this is perfect” – when he tried a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup I made last week.

6) “I made it beautiful por you!” – when he makes a lego tower or tunnel or some other engineering feat.

7) “You say, ‘What in the world?’” – when he is showing me something he has done that is really cool.

8) “Yes.” – He finally started to say this a couple weeks ago. Up until then, he would only say, “Oh yeah.” I’m kinda sad he has started saying “yes”.

9) Tate’s prayers at night go like this, “ Heavenly Father. Thank you for a day. (Long pause.) I can do it. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!”. (Even if someone else is giving the prayer, he will interject in the middle and say, “I can do it.”)

10) This week Darin brought Tate to the hospital to pick me up from a PIM (Partners in Medicine) meeting. One of Darin’s colleagues asked him if he was working that night. Darin said no, he was picking up his wife. Later, Tate said to another doctor, “I’m picking up my wife!”. When asked her name, Tate responded, “Yo Yo.” “Is Yo Yo beautiful?”. Tate’s response, “She’s really cute!”

11) At night before bed, Tate, Darin and I have a group hug and Tate says, “I really love you guys!”

12) “Where’s my daddy? Daddy at work? Daddy help people. Get an owee – help them get better!”

13) Tate likes to give my belly hugs. “I give brother a hug and a kiss and a bump!” (pumps his fist up to my belly.)

14) "I don't like Mexican food - I like ice cream!"

We're excited for the many adventures ahead with Tate and our new little guy!